Microservices Architecture and Step by Step Implementation on .NET

In this Book we will show how to build microservices on .net environments with using ASP.NET Core Web API applications with different databases platforms NoSQL and Relational databases. By the end of the Book, you will have a set of microservices which implemented e-commerce modules over Product, Category and Contact microservices with communicating over RabbitMQ event driven communication.

Develop following microservices: • Create Catalog microservice which includes • ASP.NET Core Web API application • REST API principles, CRUD operations • Mongo DB NoSQL database connection on docker • N-Layer implementation with repository pattern • Swagger Open API implementation • Dockerfile implementation • Create Basket microservice which includes • ASP.NET Core Web API application • REST API principles, CRUD operations • Redis database connection on docker • Redis connection implementation • RabbitMQ trigger event queue when checkout cart • Create RabbitMQ messaging library which includes • Base EventBus implementation and add references Microservices • Create Ordering microservice which includes (over the catalog specs) • Entity Framework Core on SQL Server docker • Consuming RabbitMQ messages • Clean Architecture implementation with CQRS Pattern • Create API Gateway Ocelot microservice which includes • Routing to inside microservices • Dockerization api-gateway • Create WebUI ShoppingApp microservice which includes • core web application with Razor template • Call Ocelot APIs with HttpClientFactory • Docker Compose establishment with all microservices on docker

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